Welcome Back

This opening up business. There are lots of options, so
we decided to ask you what you want.

From next Tuesday (the Trout is closed on Monday as usual), we
will be relaxing some of the COVID restrictions that have been in place during

But with infection
rates rising sharply at present and many young people still unvaccinated, we have
been wondering how we can maintain the safe, happy environment that we’ve been
able to offer during the last year.

The peace of mind of our customers and staff is our
priority. So we’ve spent time asking both groups what they would like to happen
and the verdict is in.

That means from the 20th of July:

- There will be no need to track and trace or provide your
personal details on entry, but we will show you to your table as before.

- The main bar will remain closed for the present, with
service in the marquee and garden.

- The use of face masks will be discretionary, but we would
ask that you wear them when in the marquee and not seated.

- There will be no requirement for social distancing.

- Table service will continue, with no service at the bar.

Throughout the past months, one lovely piece of feedback
we’ve heard a lot is that customers feel safe at the Trout. As the world begins
to open up, we want to make sure they always do.

We look forward to seeing you soon. Here’s to a great


If you would like to know a little more about how we are currently
operating, head on over to our Coronavirus
 page for more details. If you still have questions
or concerns, please give us a call on 01367 252313 and we are happy to help in
any way we can.

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