Theatre at the Trout

Theatre @ The Trout is a programme of quality drama presented in the Marquee Theatre, bar, or Creel bar.Our audience can experience everything from comedy nights to full length plays in an intimate atmosphere with great food and drink available.

Our resident Theatre Company put on two socially distanced shows, before we were plunged into Tier Three and then Tier Four, a Hallowe'en evening of spooky tales and a Christmas special, featuring readings and sketches. Both shows were sold out and the audiences enjoyed a pre show seasonal meal.

A panto was planned for January and a decision will be made shortly as to whether this will be an online show or will be saved for when we can all get back together and enjoy live entertainment. this space for details.

       If you missed 'Panto in the Pub 2',

Aladdin,..... the remix

here are a few pictures for you.

Don't forget to look out for future productions.

Panto 1       Panto 2

panto 3    Panto 4


Here are a few pictures from last year's performance of 'The Sneeze'

 The Sneeze          The Sneeze

The Sneeze          The Sneeze



A huge thank you to cast, crew, pirates and audience for making "Treasure Island in 40 Minutes" such a swashbuckling success

Panti 1  pANTO 2

Panto 2

Panto 3  Panto 4