As well as our bar menu, which features a variety of styles, we also have daily special boards, a selection of homemade puddings, and from Monday to Friday lunchtimes, our senior guests have their own special board and can enjoy a two course meal at a reduced price.

We are unable to offer a Sunday roast during the summer months, as we have found that most people prefer something lighter when the weather is hot.

We are allergey aware and comply with EU allergy regulations. If you wish to know the ingredients of any of our dishes, please ask when ordering.

We pride ourselves on the fact that all our food is cooked to order, and as such we would like to point out that we are not a "fast food" pub. During busy periods there will be a wait for food and our staff should be able to advise you of the approximate delay. Please ask if you are in a hurry and we will try to speed up your order, but cannot promise. If the weather is warm, why not relax in the garden and watch the world and the river Thames go by while we cook for you.

If you wish to reserve a table, please call us, but please be aware that all we are doing is ensuring that you have a table. You will have to order your food and drinks at the bar or any other food ordering point set up on the day. We are unable to place your order at the front.


  Starters and snacks are served with bread where appropriate    
  Homemade soup of the day
£5.10 £6.10
Pate of the day, served with toast £6.30 £8.30
Dipped and dusted sweet chilli chicken, with a sweet chilli mayonnaise £6.45 £8.45
(V) Grilled Halloumi cheese and tomato salsa        £6.10 £8.10
Chilli mango prawns, with a lime and tarragon mayonnaise £6.50 £8.50
(V) A whole warm Ciabatta bread with olives and balsamic oil                                  N/A £8.35
(V) Four slices of garlic bread (with melted mozzarella +£1.00) £4.85 N/A

Main Courses

Where potatoes are offered, please choose from boiled, jacket, herby diced or chips

Meat Selection

(All our meat is locally sourced)

  Home cooked ham, free range eggs and potatoes £12.95
  John Eddolls' rump steak served with tomato, mushrooms, potatoes, salad and a sauce of your choice £19.25
Our own recipe chicken curry, served with rice, poppadums and mango chutney £14.50
 (H) A large bowl of spicy chilli con carne and rice, served with a chunk of bread  £13.0
(H) Chicken breast pan fried with a spicy dressing, served with salad and potatoes  £14.95


Fish Selection

(All our fish is responsibly sourced)

(H) Local Bibury trout, grilled and served with salad and potatoes £14.50
(H) Seabass fillets pan fried with cherry tomatoes and capers, served with salad and potatoes £15.50
Smoked haddock & spring onion fishcakes, served with salad and potatoes £13.95
(H) Pan fried swordfish with a tomato salsa, served with salad and potatoes £15.25
  Wholetail breaded Whitby scampi (12 pieces), served with salad and potatoes £14.95


Meatless Selection

(V) Vegetable lasagne served with salad and chips £13.95
(V) Sweet potato, pepper and chickpea curry, served with rice, chutney and poppadum £13.50
(V,H) Roasted butternut squash, red onion & blue cheese tartlet served with salad and potatoes £11.95



All priced at £13.50

Our delicious pizzas have a stone baked Italian style base and are served with two slices of garlic bread

No.1 Pepperoni, tomato, onion, sweetecorn and mushroom
No.2 Ham, mushroom, capers and peppers
No.3 Salami, chorizo, smoked sausage and olives
No.4 Seafood, tuna, prawns and anchovies
(V) No.5 Tomato, mushroom, onion, sweetcorn and peppers



Our burgers are garnished with lettuce, tomato, onion rings and relishes in a bap; and served with potatoes of your choice

The meat burgers are made by Cutler and Bayliss, Lechlade butchers

  Beef (7oz uncooked weight) £10.60
Pork and chilli (7oz uncooked weight) £10.60
Lamb and mint (7oz uncooked weight) £10.60
(V) Vegetarian (4oz uncooked weig £9.60


Ploughman's lunches (or suppers)

All priced at £10.75

Our ploughmans are accompanied by a salad garnish, biscuits, bread and Philippa's homemade chutney; the profits of which go to Macmillan Cancer Care charity. You can buy her chutneys and jams in the bar

  Cheddar Stilton Brie 
   Ham  Suasage Roll  



All priced at £10.75

Served in a large bowl, with Caesar dressing, (unless stated otherwise) and served with a chunk of bread

 (V) Coronation chicken
 (V) Barbecue marinated pulled pork

Chilli beef in batter
  Falafel with a yoghurt and mint deessing
  (V) Salt and pepper dusted calamari

(H) Denotes a healthier option, (V) Denotes vegetarian option.

We are allergy aware and comply with the latest E.U.regulations. If you wish to know the ingredients of any of our food or beverages, please ask a trained member of staff.

We have a separate children’s menu available, but will cater for your child with a smaller portion from this menu if required.

Childrens Menu 2017 1Children's Menu